On the third day God created the great forests of the Earth to provide shade, and oxygen, and homes for creatures both great and small, which were to be placed within the forests on the following days of Creation.

The forests of Planet Eden belong to God. They do not belong to the immoral and greedy corporations or individuals which are destroying them in order to line their pockets with the god of money. How dare any one of God's children to be so evil and cruel that he or she would exchange the future of all generations to come, for a new car, or a big screen television or a fancy watch; yet that is what is happening all over the world.

Clear cutting is blasphemy, for it not only insults God, but it tears at the spirit of God which is within all Creation. God's forests must be preserved and protected or we are doomed. Planet Earth cannot long survive without intact forests where all the species of life therein is protected, as God would command.

Do not be fooled by Satan and his lies, which are formed on the lips of corporate mouthpieces and propagandists, who would have God's people believe that endless rows of a single species of tree, good for little else than the production of more toilet paper, is a forest, or that they replant natural forests after clear cutting. Such are the lies of the greedy, whose god is the almighty dollar and who would sell the future of the world for material gain in this life.

Please help us to save God's forests so that the planet and all of its citizens may live.

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